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Stunning Infographics Software

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Every detail of your infographic can be customized, including colors, lines, shadow effects, and chart values.

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It's easy to save your work into a variety of file formats, including PDF, PPT, PNG, SVG, HTML, etc.

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Why Choose EdrawInfo

Whether you’re creating infographics for business promotion, educational materials, or propaganda of non-profit institutes, EdrawInfo has you covered.

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It can export to a variety of file formats.
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“ I've never seen anything more comfortable and amazing. EdrawInfo turned out to be the best software. I am able to design whatever I want without special programming or design skills. It's great that lots of templates and symbols help me save time. Free trial is quite sufficient to understand how great the tool is.”

- by Abimbola Ukeke

“ EdrawInfo has solved so many challenges for me, I can quickly create expertly looking infographics, even using my own images . . . it also gives me inspiration and helps me figure out my thought process when planning complicated marketing strategies. Thank you very much to the developers... will absolutely recommend it to my friends.”

- by Pippa Crane E.

“ The best thing I like about EdrawInfo is that it helps me to make stunning infographics with the help of existing various templates. Thus there is no need to worry about selecting the color combination since they are ready-made. Of course you can make whatever changes as you like. Besides, it is easy to share, to download and to save for future use in other documents.”

- by Juliana Ferreira