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EdrawMax helps educators and students improve the education standards by providing a better understanding of each subject, explaining each topic, and creating an engaging study plan for students with its easy-to-use infographic creation platform.
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Also available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web.All options >>
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Solutions for Education Team Scenarios

Plan Lessons Effortlessly Prepare Class Teaching Materials With no Hassle

Easily helps your students improve their problem-solving and decision-making skills with creative graphic organizers, the best visual learning tools to simplify complex information, clarify topics, and improve their understanding of various concepts

Engaging presentation templates help students focus on the topic by grabbing their attention instead of using the same boring PowerPoint themes. Teach topics with stunning presentations for faster learning without extra effort.

Create all types of teaching diagrams, charts, and infographics with 26000+ symbols that you can use with a simple drag and drop. Edit the symbols or draw customized symbols to make creative visual content.

create with EdrawMax
create with EdrawMax

Plan and Implement Educational Activities and Events Creatively

Help students develop critical thinking and improve their brainstorming skills with mind maps that highlight important details and make it easier to understand complex topics and allow students to make a connection between creative ideas.

Easily help them become more creative by telling them to draw their houses using floor charts. Ask them to design each part of their house, choose the furniture, the number of rooms, etc.

Creatively track students learning progress with KWL charts. Ask them to write what they know about the topic before teaching it, ask what they wonder about, and ask what they learned after teaching the topic.

Make Communication Smoothly Between Teachers and Students Quickly

Make it easier for students to submit homework on time with the cloud storage support of EdrawMax. Create a class team file where students can submit homework instead of notebooks.

Check and grade the homework of all your students from the class team file and leave comments to immediately let students learn and improve their mistakes instead of waiting for the next day and doing it in class.

create with EdrawMax
create with EdrawMax

Any Subject can Find a Diagram Solution here Faster

Easily find diagrams of students of all majors, like genograms for medical students to teach them about someone's hereditary patterns and biology diagrams to conduct research, draw models, perform experiments, create hypotheses and conclusions, etc.

Create detailed circuit diagrams for engineering students making it easier to explain the construction of circuits and electrical/electronic equipment and improve their understanding of activity sequences with network diagrams.

Best tool for graphic design students as they can learn a lot after creating engaging posters that capture audiences' attention and create infographics to represent any type of visual data in a simple format.

Templates for Education Team

Engaging Learning Vibe with Creative Templates
Save time and effort with pre-made mind maps, infographics, posters, network diagrams, biology diagrams, and graphic organizers to make learning easier. Get hundreds of free and easy-to-customize professional templates to create engaging visual content.
How Edrawers Talk About Us

Best helping tool for teachers and students with lots of amazing features like team creation, comments, multiple format support, built-in templates to create graphic organizers for teaching students of all grades, and easily affordable prices.

—— Robert Miller (Teacher)
How Edrawers Talk About Us

I love using EdrawMax while teaching my students because it is web-enabled, best collaborative features for students to work together on projects easily, runs on multiple computers for low cost, and templates to write hypotheses and conclusion of experiments.

—— Mary Wilson (Lab Instructor)
How Edrawers Talk About Us

EdrawMax is an amazing tool for administration tasks as it comes with hundreds of creative templates to draw schedules, manage budgets, plan events and seating plans, create disciplinary guides, hire or train staff members, track progress, and solve other issues.

—— Tyler Clark (Principal)

Work Better as a Team

Data Automation

Build Collaborative Teams

Build your team based on Cloud and manage team roles. Far more easier to edit, share, comment files together without system limitation.

Easy License Management

Manage your team license and controls each user's access. Pay for no difficulty, team work on the same page.

Increased Productivity with Data Automation

Generate diagrams automatically in the correct syntax. Auto-calculating the dimensions to simplify your team work.

Data security and Admin Access

Powered by AWS, following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards, and using the highest level of 256-bit SSL encryption.

Our Commitment

EdrawMax is committed to powering the creativity of its users by providing them with everything they need to create content. It features many productivity tools that make diagramming much easier and faster. Agencies and consulting teams get a lot of help from team collaboration features such as comments, file recovery, and team libraries. EdrawMax provides you with flexible license management and easy admin access.
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