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Edraw helps marketers conduct research to collect and organize data about the target market, generate mission statements and marketing strategies, analyze the budget and come up with pricing, branding, and positioning.
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Also available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web.All options >>
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Solutions for Four Marketing Team Work Scenes

Research your Target Market Faster

Easily conduct quick research on your target market to determine your potential customers and get valuable insight into their needs and goals using customer journey maps to analyze the current user goals in a timeline.

The comparison charts make it easier to gather information on your competitors and compare key marketing metrics to identify your product’s value proposition. In addition, it helps you analyze their weaknesses and your competitive advantage. Choose any symbol or clipart from EdrawMax Symbols Libraries to make your diagram vivid.

Conduct an efficient situation analysis to identify the opportunities and threats related to your products and services with SWOT, and analyze the external marketing environment that impacts your organization or product management.

create with EdrawMax
create with EdrawMax

Brainstorm, Develop Marketing Strategies Creatively

Mind maps help brainstorm and generate ideas after writing down the objectives and preparing an agenda to conduct a formal brainstorming session to analyze the views of marketing team members and other appropriate people.

Product marketing becomes more efficient with funnel charts that help marketers analyze the sales process in a visual representation to determine the potential revenue and the potential problems after defining the goal.

Develop marketing strategies and use flowcharts, mind maps, and org charts to make your strategy more visual. Share the strategy report with your team members or in a discussion using the presentation mode in EdrawMax.

Plan and Oversee Campaigns with no Hassle

List your goals and make the marketing process more efficient and productive using a Kanban. It helps marketers improve their team's focus by providing better visibility of the process to reduce wasted time.

Marketing managers convert data to Gantt charts in one click and deliver the list of the team's daily tasks and goals. It provides better communication for the team and measures the progress to improve time management and avoid resource overload.

SOPs in a flowchart help the team review the project results and create a step-by-step outline on how to handle projects for future campaigns. SOPs promote positive change and improve efficiency.

create with EdrawMax
create with EdrawMax

Produce Assets for your Marketing Channel Quickly

Marketing teams can produce marketing assets to promote their product by creating a library of branded materials like infographics, banners, logos, and blogs for social media using 26000+ symbols, templates, customizable fonts, lines, and texts.

EdrawMax's personalized symbols library helps visualizer specialists in a marketing team complete their tasks more efficiently by giving them quick access to the symbols and tools they need for drawing, editing, and creating visual content.

With the support of multiple document formats, users can easily import their company design assets from Visio, Images, and SVG files into EdrawMax to save time and complete their tasks.

Templates for Marketing Team

Streamline your Marketing with our professional templates
Use our pre-made analysis tool, comparison chart, mind map, and funnel chart templates to save time for product marketing. Get hundreds of free and easy-to-customize professional templates to create engaging visual content.
How Edrawers Talk About Us

I love EdrawMax for its hundreds of free templates to get started that helps me transform analysis, reports, and data sets into compelling visuals and makes it easier to edit visual content. Amazing software equipped with all modern tools.

——Brian Watson (Marketing Visualizer)
How Edrawers Talk About Us

EdrawMax is the best software for amateurs and beginners with its tutorials on how to use certain tools, get and customize templates for free, draw diagrams, and create an engaging presentation. One of the best finds ever.

——Timothy Charles (Content Specialist)
How Edrawers Talk About Us

I am delighted with EdrawMax as it made my job much easier with various Gantt chart templates that help me assign tasks to my team in an elegant and organized way. Going to use it forever!

——Amanda Scott (Project Manager)

Work Better as a Team

Data Automation

Build Collaborative Teams

Build your team based on Cloud and manage team roles. Far more easier to edit, share, comment files together without system limitation.

Easy License Management

Manage your team license and controls each user's access. Pay for no difficulty, team work on the same page.

Increased Productivity with Data Automation

Generate diagrams automatically in the correct syntax. Auto-calculating the dimensions to simplify your team work.

Data Security and Admin Access

Powered by AWS, following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards, and using the highest level of 256-bit SSL encryption.

Our Commitment

EdrawMax is committed to powering the creativity of its users by providing them with everything they need to create content. It features many productivity tools that make diagramming much easier and faster. Marketing teams get a lot of help from team collaboration features such as comments, file recovery, and team libraries. EdrawMax provides you with flexible license management and easy admin access.
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