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Easily collaborate with your team to solve complex problems and complete projects, build new software, design building layouts and systems, visually represent your ideas, and manage processes with EdrawMax's easy-to-use diagram creation platform.
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Also available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web.All options >>
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Solutions for Engineering Team Working Scenarios

Computer Engineering

Make project management much easier with network diagrams to help your team visualize the events and activities they need to complete in a productive sequence during the project. Also, use it to monitor project status and identify risks.

Get easy access to a symbol library with thousands of symbols that you and your team can easily use with a simple drag and drop. EdrawMax features AWS, Azure, GCP, and all types of network diagram symbols.

Easily import personalized symbols that you can’t find in the library from local storage or the web in a few clicks to create your diagram.

create with EdrawMax
create with EdrawMax

Electrical Engineering

Save time with circuit diagram templates to create a house wiring plan that visualizes the exact path of every electrical circuit, the connection between circuit elements, and their relation with the power source in the house.

Create different types of circuits with a vast collection of symbols for circuit diagrams. Search for the symbols you want, or use design variants of the same symbols to make your diagram easy to understand.

Clarify your circuits with easy-to-use connectors that come in different shapes and types. Use line jumps to avoid connectors crossing each other and illustrate a clear electrical flow.

Industrial Engineering

Use P&ID diagrams to communicate with your team and other groups and visualize all the piping, valves, interlocks, and installed equipment. Create an efficient process flow with PFD to visualize the general flow of the plant.

Easily explain the working and processes of your diagram with formulas and equations. EdrawMax's formula insert features allow you to edit built-in formulas or write new ones.

Design processes and troubleshoot problems quickly with various types of built-in flowcharts and process flow templates. Use it to branch logic and identify the sequence.

create with EdrawMax
create with EdrawMax

Engineering Management

Create a project timeline with details about every process in the planned sequence to easily manage all tasks on time and deliver the project with the best quality.

Easily plan and schedule projects with a visual representation of activity against time using Gantt charts. Analyze the progress of any process and manage projects with the required resources and timeline. It is mainly used to simplify complex tasks.

Separate your team into multiple groups to finish specific activities and deliver the project on time. With org charts, you can identify the internal structure of your team with details about roles and responsibilities.

Templates for Engineering Team

Customize Projects with Free Templates
Plan, manage and complete an engineering project efficiently with pre-made network diagrams, circuit diagrams, P&IDs, process flow diagrams, etc. Get hundreds of free and easy-to-customize professional templates to create engaging visual content.
How Edrawers Talk About Us

EdrawMax is a great helping tool with all types of engineering diagrams that I can easily edit to monitor and manage installed systems. The network diagrams also help install new systems, track every operation, and check infrastructure availability.

- Luke Gales (Systems Engineer)
How Edrawers Talk About Us

With EdrawMax, I can complete all my activities half the time compared to how long it usually takes. There are diagrams for everything I need, like testing documentation and design reviews with a simple user interface.

- Ellie Tate (Quality Control Engineer)
How Edrawers Talk About Us

Creating cost-effective design solutions with EdrawMax has made my job much easier because I can search for any visual tool and get many pre-made templates. Its team collaboration tools, affordable pricing, and presentation mode make it the best diagramming software.

- Louis Smoke (Design Engineer)

Work Better as a Team

Data Automation

Build Collaborative Teams

Build your team based on Cloud and manage team roles. Far more easier to edit, share, comment files together without system limitation.

Easy License Management

Manage your team license and controls each user's access. Pay for no difficulty, team work on the same page.

Increased Productivity with Data Automation

Generate diagrams automatically in the correct syntax. Auto-calculating the dimensions to simplify your team work.

Data security and Admin Access

Powered by AWS, following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards, and using the highest level of 256-bit SSL encryption.

Our Commitment

EdrawMax is committed to powering the creativity of its users by providing them with everything they need to create content. It features many productivity tools that make diagramming much easier and faster. Agencies and consulting teams get a lot of help from team collaboration features such as comments, file recovery, and team libraries. EdrawMax provides you with flexible license management and easy admin access.
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