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EdrawMax helps consulting teams analyze statistics, conduct surveys, research, and prepare interviews to understand a business to help organizations assess the gains and losses of their business strategies and improve management, profitability, structure, and operations.
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Also available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web.All options >>
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Solutions for Consulting Team Working Scenarios

Provide Information Visually and Creatively to Clients Faster

Compiling and presenting the research results, statistics, and consulting reports is essential for every consulting team. Easily create a well-designed and effective infographic on EdrawMax by combining data and information.

EdrawMax allows you to create 280+ types of infographics to provide information to your clients creatively. You can create data flow diagrams, bar graphs, and pie charts to visually represent information.

With the support of multiple document formats, you can export, share, and print your data infographic in PDF, PPT, Visio, SVG files, or any format you want.

create with EdrawMax
create with EdrawMax

Create Analysis Charts to Diagnose Problems Quickly

A fishbone diagram works the best to quickly diagnose problems within the operations, management, and business strategies of an organization, and it helps you identify the root of any problem.

Easily represent the intensity of competition between organizations after determining the strengths and weaknesses of their business strategies and finding out the position of power in any situation using porter's five forces.

Improve the stance and operations of an organization by analyzing its internal resources to measure the various factors of success using the VRIO framework.

Deliver a Professional Report and Presentation with no Hassle

Save time with the data import feature of EdrawMax to auto-import data into your presentation, report, or infographic from various resources.

Easily calculate the resource costs, chance outcomes, and possible consequences of various strategies, decisions, and condition control statements with a decision tree.

Discuss the capabilities and features of various operations and products of an organization to determine the potential setbacks and customer review with an opportunity canvas.

Create compelling presentations after you create an infographic or report on EdrawMax. You can quickly turn your diagram into slides or export it in PPT format.

create with EdrawMax
create with EdrawMax

Assist Customers to Implement Recommended Solutions Creatively

EdrawMax helps users implement recommended solutions to complete their tasks and projects creatively. With Gantt charts, you can track the project timeline by representing the duration for each task and easily depict your project's starting and finishing times.

Assigning tasks to the most fitting members of your team takes no time with an org chart. With the auto data import, you can list the organizational structure with details about the roles and responsibilities of individuals to assign tasks to appropriate entities.

Templates for Consulting Team

Creative Templates for Smart Consulting
Use our pre-made data infographics, analysis tools, mind maps, VRIO frameworks, opportunity canvas, and other templates for business solutions. Get hundreds of free and easy-to-customize professional templates to create engaging visual content and compelling presentations.
How Edrawers Talk About Us

Creative analysis tool with lots of free templates to create and share analysis charts. Multiple problem diagnosis and solution frameworks with detailed guides on how to implement effective techniques, analyze datasets, and visually represent findings to solve organizational problems.

—— Michael Fisher (Consulting Analyst)
How Edrawers Talk About Us

EdrawMax is best for a consulting team due to its effective team collaboration features that provides better team communication and an unlimited collection of templates to create reports and analyze strategies with versatile and economic tools for consulting.

—— Natalie James (Consultant)
How Edrawers Talk About Us

As a part of a consulting team, I have to deal with our customers to develop lasting corporate relationships so they know our team will provide best suggestions for business solutions and the presentation tools on EdrawMax makes it easier.

—— Justin Hamilton (Engagement Manager)

Work Better as a Team

Data Automation

Build Collaborative Teams

Build your team based on Cloud and manage team roles. Far more easier to edit, share, comment files together without system limitation.

Easy License Management

Manage your team license and controls each user's access. Pay for no difficulty, team work on the same page.

Increased Productivity with Data Automation

Generate diagrams automatically in the correct syntax. Auto-calculating the dimensions to simplify your team work.

Data security and Admin Access

Powered by AWS, following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards, and using the highest level of 256-bit SSL encryption.

Our Commitment

EdrawMax is committed to powering the creativity of its users by providing them with everything they need to create content. It features many productivity tools that make diagramming much easier and faster. Agencies and consulting teams get a lot of help from team collaboration features such as comments, file recovery, and team libraries. EdrawMax provides you with flexible license management and easy admin access.
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