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Why EdrawMax to Make Your Fashion Design?

Fashion design for every need

Interconnection: Each piece of clothing represents a choice we've made and so also part of us.

Identity: Most of the time, we are what we show to other people, and fashion design can tell a lot about us and how we live.

Impressions: Impress people with clothing trends! Sometimes, we like to be the center of attention at a work party or just a night out with friends.

for every need

Creating designs is a breeze

Fashion design libraries: EdrawMax has plenty of pre-built fashion designs that you can add to your project by simply drag-and-drop clicking on the item of your choice. With those easy mechanics, you can achieve any design straight from your mind onto the canvas. This helps organize your ideas, especially when you're starting your studies or want a quick sketch.

Powerful tools: With EdrawMax, you have access to unique colors and patterns, as well as real dimensions that help you create fashion designs. You can preview them before adding to your designs to see if they match and quickly have hundreds of combinations at your disposal.

Version history: EdrawMax features an automatically-saved version history for you to compare previously saved documents and check the differences easily. This is great when you work with other members of your team.

create with EdrawMax

Work anywhere with a team

Cloud connection: By building group projects, you can manage team files through the cloud, as well as share permissions, enabling other team members to work better while editing work.

Multiple file sharing: EdrawMax supports exporting many file types, so anyone who doesn't use EdrawMax can open the files on their software.

Versatility everywhere: EdrawMax can work on any computer. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and there's even a web version - EdrawMax online, so you can share everything through a single URL.


Present and preview
with ease

One-click presentation: By clicking F5, you can see your design in full-screen mode or different zooms. Have a smooth interaction between all team members when working on a project.

Slide-focused presentation: Drag the cursor to select which part of the design you want to focus on and create slides for the presentation. This feature helps when building a presentation and carrying the ideas onto the slides.


More Features Of Fashion Design Software

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

EdrawMax allows for the creation of complex fashion designs but makes it easy during the creation process. I am a fashion designer, and I constantly change the designs that come up in my mind. This fashion design software has default shapes that are great, and they are so helpful because they are adjustable and customizable. The process to import my own designs and image is extremely easy, and formatting them as per the vision is what makes it the best fashion design software for all fashion designers.

I am not that good with any software, and I always preferred good old notebooks to draw my designs. But when my professor recommended EdrawMax to me, I realized that this fashion design software has all the necessities that are required to create wonderful designs. EdrawMax lets you design attractive, non-standard graphics that are easily understood by a wide range of businesses, and while exploring the fashion design parts, I found myself graduating as a full-time EdrawMax user.

EdrawMax is relatively easy to use for all those who are naive to the technical side of the designs. Being a professional fashion designer, it is my job to learn new tools, and EdrawMax is among those fashion design software that has cut down my work efforts. When the fashion designs that need to be developed can be done with the shapes available, it makes it pretty much a piece of cake to draw it. This fashion design software also has a great visual appeal, with a good range of options to customize the designs. I recommend EdrawMax to all those fashion enthusiasts who wish to make their life simpler.

Edraw Fashion Design Templates

Fashion Design Template
Fashion design templates allow you to visually present your fashion ideas that showcase new footwear, clothing, and accessories.
Fashion Design Model Template
Fashion design model templates showcase a model figure wearing your new fashion attire.
Female Body Template for Fashion Design
The female body template for fashion design shows several women wearing different attire based on their body structure and fashion preferences.
Male Body Template for Fashion Design
Male body template for fashion design allows you to visually depict several men wearing different attires based on their body structure and fashion preferences.
Fashion Design Figures Template
Fashion design figure templates illustrate front and back female croquis for fashion design sketches.
Free Fashion Design Template
A free fashion design template is meant to inspire the fashion designs for any fashion show that brings together brands and designers.

Fashion Design FAQs

The software for designs is very popular in fashion designers, clothing line startups, textile designers, apparel manufacturers, and even fashion students. Many fashion entrepreneurs are likely to use fashion design software to bring their designs into the digital workspace right now.
Even if you can't draw, you can design apparel and make great digital fashion sketches with fashion design software like EdrawMax.
EdrawMax provides free and customizable templates and design elements for users. You can download and change the styles as you like.
You can access symbols of fashion design by searching "fashion" in the symbol libraries. Alternatively, open the pre-defined symbol library and look for "Fashion Design." You will see all the subcategories of fashion design symbols.
YES! It is free to make fashion designs in EdrawMax. There are free templates and design elements to make your ideas and sketches a tangible reality. Just download it and try EdrawMax now. You will love it right now.

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